Compal Broadband Networks (CBN) – a member of the Compal Corporate Group – was founded in August 2009. CBN takes great care in satisfying our customers’ needs, and offer high-quality and cost-competitive solutions. CBN develops a complete line of products in 4 major categories: Networking, Home Security, Home Entertainment and Wireless Accessories, to meet the specific needs of our customers in all aspects.

CBN strives continuously to make technology a wonderful experience for everyone, by providing innovative products, with a focus on complete integration in design – thereby enhancing each product’s value. This integration enables all our products to interface seamlessly with one another, allowing people to live a convenient and better life by using CBN products.


CBN is a 100%, wholly-owned subsidiary of Compal Electronics that utilizes the itsoverall network, resources and facilities to provide innovative solutions to our customers. Our parent company Compal Electronics has established its status as a leading manufacturer of notebook PCs, LCD products and smart devices, which are renowned for their exceptional quality. In addition, CBN has taken firm strides in the development of the 5C’s (Cloud, Connecting, Computing, Communication and Consumer).

In order to ensure efficient global operations, CBN has established manufacturing plants in China, USA, Vietnam, Brazil, Poland, and Mexico, to provide versatile and speedy services and live up to its reputation as a world-renowned brand name in Original Design Manufacturing.


Compal has established an extensive customer service network with local presence in Taiwan, Belgium, Turkey, Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Vietnam and China. With our professional management team, a reputation of high product quality, and our flexibility to design in response to market trends and customer demand, Compal has developed itself into one of the leading companies in the global PC & IT industry.


Besides the main facilities in Kunshan China, where CBN’s products are manufactured, Compal established its second offshore manufacturing base in Vietnam. Also, in light of prospective emerging-market demand, Compal purchased a TV plant in Mexico, set up an NB service center in Poland, and proceeded in obtaining another NB manufacturing plant in Brazil. Moreover, in order to optimize production capacity and product quality, Compal has adopted highly efficient production practices in conjunction with comprehensive manufacturing systems and cutting-edge equipment to ensure optimal yield rate.


Our Pledge is to provide a working environment based on mutual trust, respect and teamwork which will promote safety, innovation, efficiency and proftability.